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Conflict Resolution Training for Trainers (01 of 11) via 1WOW.org _Intro to Assembly from 1WOW Admin on Vimeo.

To see both the actual assembly video content AND the full set of videos to "Train the Trainer" please go to 1WOW Admin Videos. The caption for each segment describes its content and usage.

ALL of the content for the One World, Our World School Program is now posted for FREE access and usage by anyone willing to do it, though the caveats strongly recommended are embedded in the captions for the various segments, the following general concepts apply throughout, so as to not waste the opportunity to have the material do what it can do.

  • USE THE 4 PRESENTATION SEGMENTS AS DESIGNED VIA large screen projection, using a music quality PA before audiences of a few hundred students. Use the Teacher training videos also posted under this profile, and the props and content at 1WOW.org and you'll have optimized the success rate for training youth in having Better Friendships, Less Conflict, and becoming Better Leaders in the future.

  • The POWER of the program can be conceptualized by an adult mind viewing this alone, but the program is motivational when reserved for audiences as described above. It is in such a setting, where a whole peer group/ grade group sees the entirety, including the classroom activity, within one day, that the GROUP DYNAMIC adds impact, anchoring best the lessons intended.

  • A message ready to be delivered boldly that educates and nurtures the youth with whom it is shared.
    Accepting the mantle of this message also enlivens whomever is its messenger, though you'll likely need to have seen enough of the world yourself that speaking these words can grow upon you like an extension of your meaning for being.

Presentation Sequence


  • The footage for this video was shot in 2004 after over a decade of presenting this lesson to over 176,000 students in 25 states and internationally. Best suited for grades 4-6, it can succeed in k-12, and grad students in Education have appreciated it.
  • After 3.5 years of coast-to-coast presentations it was obvious that driving from city to city was too costly a style of presentation. As a non-profit, 501c3 the board directed the focus shift to developing a digital kit, and limiting events to schools in the San Diego area. Everything was being done in "off-hours" as everyone involved did so without compensation - and the video editing skills had to be learned with what was available at low-cost in the 2003 - 2005 time-frame. Personal complications (house fires, illness, etc.) further delayed roll-out of the kit, and the program went dormant from 2006 through this release.
  • This full series of videos is as ripped from the DVD that had been compiled just prior to all the complications ...and compressed for ease of free posting to train presenters anywhere. That has forced some lessons to be loaded as parts "A" and "B" because the DVD's VOB file split the segment.
  • The full set of videos is intended to link to this website which explains further how to organize and present this effective lesson plan. Since presentation DOES take practice, the videos here will
    BEST be utilized by a designated school district presenter who can go from school to school.
  • Details that are not fully in-place (like dimensions of hoops to make, graphics for the posters, and data about nations used in the assembly) are being compiled from exisiting hard-copy materials and posted here as quickly as possible. Only the link by email above is still active.

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