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Lesson Outline and Details

... for Teachers and Presenters

The program is presented in two parts, consisting of one or more assemblies followed the same day by a specific Lesson in the classrooms with all classes for selected grade levels (i.e. peer group at school.) The material and format reframe and improve the dynamics of how peers treat each other.

The material of the program can serve your academic curriculum by supporting classroom discussions on themes such as:  

  • Friendship
  • Leadership
  • Individual Responsibility
  • Community Building
  • Teasing & Bullying
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Racial, cultural and religious tolerance
  • Peace and International Conflict
  • Foreign Aid
  • Immigration
  • Resource Distribution

Teachers looking for ideas as to how to integrate the material in the program will find suggestions and data in the sub-menus below. See video of all activites to be presented and additional reference support by clicking open the links to the left.

Presenters (and teachers wanting a more detailed printout of the lesson flow) will find this 10-page detailed lesson plan to be the best supplement to the same "Train the Trainer" videos.

Another way to assist you in replicating the material remotely is to provide the Graphics for the posters, and cards for students. All rights surrounding the program content (music photos and graphics) remain the property of the source artists who've granted only the limited usage as defined by the presentation of this lesson plan. No use of the sound tracks or imagery is granted beyond this limited context.

(Shown as a PDF file. If you can not open the above lessons, download a free copy of
Adobe Software)

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