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Program Summary 

The 1WOWTM Program is a typically a one day event for schools that boosts understanding and awareness of world studies, leadership and conflict resolution skills. The day begins with one or more 1-hr.  assembly programs that combine photography of diverse cultures with music and student participation games. The central theme is "taking responsibility for building a better world." The balance of the day uses classroom follow-up sessions in classes to anchor the message, and help students conceptualize why and how friends can hold their group leaders to high standards - making peer pressure a positive force. 

The Assembly is developed in three segments:

1) People have more similarities than differences

2) Even good people sometimes disagree 

3) We make a difference by the
leaders we follow and by
the leadership we show 

If you want to see the full details of how these three steps unfold, . . .CLICK HERE 

1WOW can jump start or boost a school's conflict resolution program. It fits into social studies curricula, either as a summary of many segments, or as a starting point for introducing concepts. Many educators say we do character education, which is a current buzzword for what we've done for years. 

Since a part time beginning in 1989, the program has been presented to over 175,000 students at more than 300 schools in 25 states. Our range of presentations includes all levels from Elementary through Secondary, University and Educational Conferences. 

We've been successful at each level, but are most experienced and best geared to support the mentalities and personalities of students in grades 4-7. 

Younger students enjoy the music, pictures and activity, but generally lack the knowledge base to comprehend it fully. They usually comprehend more than would be anticipated, still a scheduling pattern that works is to host 1WOW every 3 years, i.e. allowing those in 2nd grade to see it again with 5th grade eyes.

For 8th grade & older students, short of grad school, their emotional and social issues often hinder their receptivity to the communication - unless the students are already selected for being like minded. Otherwise, this is best suited to a 1-2 day, one grade event, presented annually, for the entry level students at a middle school or junior high school.


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