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  • "Award to One World, Our World"
    Season for Non-Violence - San Diego, CA
  • "The smaller class discussions after the two assemblies were enlightening." 
    World Affairs Council - Charlotte, NC 
  • "very proud to hereby place in nomination for the 1997 Shriver Award, the name of Rudy Sovinee"
    San Diego Peace Corps Association 
  • "...an excellent, high quality program... has high-human value for the social studies program, current events, race relations and many other related curricula areas.
    I recommend to principals the use of the program and I strongly endorse to community business persons the desirability of financially supporting the program in community school s." 

    Mark Wolfe, District Humanities Unit Mgr., San Diego City Schools
  • And, to see two news articles from 1991 ...
    San Diego Tribune and Beach and Bay Press

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Kids Quotes

"... I learned that Peace doesn't have to come around Christmas or Thanksgiving or around a birthday. Peace should be around all the time." . . . David - Colorado Springs, CO 

(This note especially impressed us since Joshua's letter came out of the blue, ten months after visiting his elementary school)"... Hi. Last year you came to our school and I know that a lot of people enjoyed your program. I recommend that everybody hears the message that you put forth in your program." . . . Joshua - Evansville, IN 

"... we hope you can come back next year. Even though I won't be here, kids will enjoy it." . . . Megan - West Des Moines, IA 

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