Nomination for the NCSS 2003 Award for Global Understanding

CCSS 2 NCSS~ by the California Council of the Social Studies (CCSS)

~ nomination seconded with concurring observations

Richard Murphy – Program Consultant

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Elementary Schools

When I came home that day, my neighbors were out talking in our cul-de-sac as their children were playing. They approached me to tell me how their kids had come home and told them all about the assembly. The parents were impressed that their children were able to tell them what they had learned … These parents were very pleased with the positive enthusiasm they heard from their children”

Pacific Rim Elementary – Carlsbad, CA

Students had a clear and tangible way to be a ‘good friend’ and use steps peace keep within their own peer group…”

Park Dale Lane Elementary – Encinitas, CA

He challenged the students to really be good friends and make choices that will help them grow to be great leaders.”

Oceanside Adventist Elem School – Oceanside, CA

Our principal said it best with the comment, “This is the best program I have ever seen.”

Lunada Bay Elementary – Palos Verdes, CA

…about two months since your event, and your lesson still continues to help me in my classroom.”

Libby Elementary – Oceanside, CA

“The seeds you sowed … have germinated”

Bryn Mawr School – Baltimore, MD

“makes it possible for children of all ages to understand why conflict can arise between nations.”

Longfellow Elementary – Colorado Springs, CO

…helped the students gain an understanding of their responsibility…”

Russellville Ind School District – Russellville, KY (11/95)

What really impressed me and the other panelists was the way many students recalled your 1WOW assembly program three years after the event.”

Russellville Ind School District – Russellville, KY (12/97)

The children still use some of your techniques to solve problems that you were able to translate from a global to a local level.”

The Peck Place School – Orange, CT

Both faculty and students deeply enjoyed and benefited from.”

Pennsbury School District – Yardley, PA

…it was the simulations of populations and food consumption that generated the most student comment. You created a sound way to subtly build empathy and then turned it around to intensify the lesson of how inequitable life experiences require our attention to stem conflicts. Well done.”

Woodrow Wilson Elementary – Richmond, CA

Secondary Schools

… for the past three years, Mesa Verde Middle School’s PTSA has hosted the ‘One World, Our World’ Program for our 6th grade classes. … amazed at the student’s understanding …”

Mesa Verde Middle School – San Diego, CA

… program was one of the best, if not the best, we have had in Akron Public Schools.”

Akron Public Schools – Akron, OH

… so important for all of us to comprehend, but so difficult to demonstrate in a meaningful way. You did a superb job.”

North Haven MS – New Haven, CT

Your show was everything you promised it to be and more.”

Grossmont High School – La Mesa, CA

Mr. Sovinee is an outstanding educator, presenter and spokesman for global education in our schools.”

Hilltop High School – Chula Vista, CA

…especially rewarding that you were able to spend the entire day visiting with several classes”

Robert S. Farrell High School – Salem, OR


a wonderful opportunity to provide a significant experience around cultural diversity to both university students as well as children in local schools.”

Kent State University – Kent, OH

the Fellows gained a great deal from the program and the interaction with Mr. Sovinee.”

University of Texas – El Paso, TX

impressed by your making concrete to children macro level concepts of land mass, population, food, energy, immigration and human behaviors, all at once and very naturally.”

International House at UC Berkeley – Berkeley, CA


Governors Citation – State of Maryland

Award to One World, Our World by the Church of Today – San Diego, CA

Season for Non-Violence Award

The smaller class discussions after the two assemblies were enlightening.”

World Affairs Council – Charlotte, NC

…very proud to hereby place in nomination for the 1997 Shriver Award, the name of Rudy Sovinee”

San Diego Peace Corps Association

…an excellent, high quality program… has high-human value for the social studies program, current events, race relations and many other related curricula areas.
“I recommend to principals the use of the program and I strongly endorse to community business persons the desirability of financially supporting the program in community schools.”

San Diego City Schools

See two news articles from the early year of 1991 …

San Diego Tribune and Beach and Bay Press

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